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July 25, 2018

Juitt-Jackson Law visits James Legal at biz 1190 providing a brief overview of divorce. If you are interested in this topic and more check out

October 24, 2017

Juitt-Jackson Law Firm, LLC occasionally provides pro bono legal services to those who find it difficult to afford an attorney.  See the article on


        How can T.I and Tiny help you figure out separation in Georgia? By looking at their example. T.I. and Tiny are public figures constantly in the public eye. Most recently due to their separation and pending divorce. As residents of Georgia, T.I. and Tiny have li...

"How long will my case take? It depends. (my most common answer).

It is a frustrating answer I admit, but what they do not realize is that I am not in the business of giving answers they want to hear but answers they need to hear.

So, what does “it depends” looks like? I...

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