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How Being Like Chance the Rapper Can Help You in Your Family Law Case.

"How long will my case take? It depends. (my most common answer).

It is a frustrating answer I admit, but what they do not realize is that I am not in the business of giving answers they want to hear but answers they need to hear.

So, what does “it depends” looks like? It looks like Judge’s schedules, attorney’s schedules and the parties themselves.

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, the Chicago Tribune[1] posted an article about Chance the Rapper and the mother of his child who came to a quick resolution in their custody and child support case. If you are living under a rock (or like my husband, does not care for popular hip hop past 1999), Chance the Rapper born Chancellor Bennett, is an independent rap artist, who won a Grammy and was most notable was in the news for donating $1 million dollars to Chicago Public Schools.

This is not important news, but there is an important lesson. Change the Rapper’s “quick resolution” case commenced around February 2016 and concluded March 2016. That’s not quick!!! I hear you say. Yet, a year may be a quick resolution for this type case. I’ve seen quicker resolutions. The key ingredient for timely resolutions is the parties themselves. Both attorneys in Chance the Rapper’s case mention “high level[s] or cooperation” and [the parents] “worked well together and came to a fair resolution”[2]. That is what it takes to get things done. A quick resolution can happen in a divorce, custody, contempt, or child support case.

Parties need to communicate with each other. Listen, weigh pros and cons to each issue, come to a solution that is beneficial for your matter. It does not have to be the same thing that your 2nd cousin’s neighbor did during their custody case.

Yet, it is difficult when emotions are high. It is not impossible. So, yes, the mother of your child is upset with you because you got remarried. Work it out for the best interest of your child, it is the law. [3] Yes, he cheated on you when you were married and now you want to take him for all he is worth, including the clothes on his back. Work it out, it is better in the long run. We are an expense you wish you did not have, but if you have a good lawyer they will tell you the same thing. Work it out. This is always the best case scenario. There are people lawyers and parties alike, who crave the courtroom scene and do everything in their power to not work things out. For those people I say get over yourself and WORK IT OUT!!!!

If you find yourself upset and not wanting to work it out, compromise, cooperate, or work well together, be like Chance the Rapper it is cool to get things done.


[2] Id.

[3] O.C.G.A. 19-9-3

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