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I Had an Expensive Wedding Now I Want A Divorce

If you're reading this, chances are you're in the process of getting a divorce. You're probably feeling a range of emotions: anger, sadness, relief, or maybe even all of the above. And if you had an expensive wedding, you might also be feeling regret. After all, weddings are supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why would you want to throw away all that money?

The truth is, there's no easy answer. An expensive wedding doesn't guarantee a happy marriage, but it can put a lot of financial stress on a relationship. If you're struggling to make ends meet, it can be tempting to turn to your partner for help. But if they're not in a position to help, that can lead to resentment. And when money is tight, it's easy for little things to start turning into big arguments.

So what should you do if you're facing divorce after an expensive wedding? Here are three pieces of advice:

1. Don't Rush Into Anything

If you've just found out that your spouse is cheating on you or otherwise behaving badly, it's understandable that you would want to get divorced as quickly as possible. But even in cases like these, it's important to take some time to think about your decision. After all, divorce is a huge life change, and it's not something you should rush into. If possible, wait at least six months before making any decisions. This will give you time to calm down and really think about what you want.

2. Talk To A Financial Advisor Or Attorney

Even if your marriage was short-lived, an expensive wedding can still have long-lasting financial consequences. That's why it's important to talk to a financial advisor or attorney before making any decisions. They can help you understand exactly what you're dealing with financially and what your options are. In some cases, they may even be able to negotiate with your spouse on your behalf to try and reach an agreement that works for both of you.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Getting divorced is hard enough without also having to worry about money. If you need help paying for legal fees or other expenses related to your divorce, don't be afraid to ask friends or family members for assistance. It's also worth considering whether or not you qualify for government assistance programs like food stamps or temporary cash assistance.

No one gets married expecting to get divorced, but unfortunately, it happens more often than we'd like. If you find yourself in this situation after an expensive wedding, know that you're not alone and there are options available to you. Be sure to take some time before making any decisions, talk to a financial advisor or attorney about your options, and don't be afraid to ask for help from friends or family members if needed.

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